Extra, Extra, Read All About It…Online.

Throughout my Journalism classes, we are constantly reminded of how it is a dying career and how having an online presence is now essential for reporting and obtaining readers. There is more than enough evidence to show that one of the greatest inventions ever, the Internet, has changed the face of journalism forever. Through technological convergence providing a new range of platforms and accessibility, anyone can act as journalist, this being called citizen journalism. New media has proven that every user’s experience has value, and can provide first hand recounts of popular and important events. Carl Sessions Stepp, while reviewing We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People By Dan Gillmor, states that –

Blogs, e-mail and chat groups represent just the first wave. Close behind come camera cell phones and other mobile video devices that can turn almost anyone into a potential on-scene reporter. Distribution tools include Internet postings, cell phone smart messaging and peer-to-peer file sharing. On the receiving end, consumers can skip traditional media almost entirely by using syndication programs to customize their news based on topics of interest.” – Why Everyone’s a Journalist, 2005.

So, is journalism really dead, because of The Internet? In my opinion, no. In fact, I believe the Internet has made journalists’ jobs easier, by allowing them to obtain stories quicker and find appropriate information when needed. The difference between real journalists and a kid with iPhone is verification. The Internet is filled with a lot of irrelevance in regards to stories and “facts”. And of course the option of being anonymous makes it harder to validate where material has come from. I do believe however, that due to this shift in technology, that Journalists and media outlets should use social media in order to reach wider audiences and maintain their relevancy. This way, traditional journalism could be seen as advancing, instead of competing against social media and citizen journalism. What do you think about the future of Journalism?


Stepp, C. S., 2005, ‘When Everyone’s a Journalist’, American Journalist Review, viewed 30/04/2014, http://ajrarchive.org/article.asp?id=3803


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